Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Have you heard the news? Dear Stella and Timeless Treasures have joined forces for a really fun mini quilt challenge.

You can find out all about it on the Timeless Treasures and Dear Stella blogs (or download a handy PDF of all the guidelines right here). There'll be loads of prizes (including this killer half yard bundle of sketch and mini confetti dots)

The rules are simple.....


  1. Finished mini quilt must measure 20″ x 20″.
  2. Mini quilt must use only Dear Stella and Timeless Treasures fabrics — at least 2 prints from each company.
  3. No solids may be used in the mini quilt.
  4. Mini quilt should reflect your interpretation of the theme “modern traditional.”

 And the best part is - I get to be a judge with Julie Jay Bird Quilts!!!!!

 So, go and check out the rules in full by clicking here and get yourself on it - and hurry, you have until April 30th!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

what's new pussycat?

Wow - it's Sunday again already, the time has flown by!
I hope it's sunshiny this morning for you - it is here, which makes the fact that I'll be locked in my sewing room all day (and probably most of the night) far more bearable when the sun is coming through the window and everything is bright and lovely.

All freespirit fabrics are 20% off at Pink Castle Fabrics with code FREESPIRIT20

AND far far away is available for pre-order (with a 10% discount for bundles already applied)

Fat Quarter Shop has the gorgeous 30s repros by Chloe's closet in now

Today is the last day to pick up a bargain in the elephant in my handbag spring discount weekend

I do love this bundle from Cuts of Cotton

Love unicorns? Me too - find them at Bobbie Lou's!

Loving this print from Sew me a Song

this is a great low volume bundle from Sew Fresh Fabrics

Here's a gorgeous viscose dressmaking fabric from Fabric HQ

Gorgeous greens from Backstitch

SALE40 will get you 40% off all sale fabrics and bolt ends at the village haberdashery while stocks last!

Just love these yuwa fabrics at Simply Sweet Fabrics

Want to win a gorgeous cargo duffle bag from Simply Solids?

Any purchase made of £20 or more until April 30th will get you a raffle ticket and a chance to win

Find out more on the blog

And that's it from me!

Have a great week - I'm off to sew like a mad woman for some filming this week.

Monday, 31 March 2014

who lives in a house like this?

Over on the Sizzix blog today I'm sharing this quilt (which I didn't make - the super talented Nik from the Cotton Patch did)

head on over to find out more (and where to find the kit to make your own!)

photo courtesy of the cotton patch

Sunday, 30 March 2014

what's new, pussycat?

Happy Mother's Day for those of you in the UK! It's a shame it also coincides with the clocks going forward, isn't it? I thought we were supposed to get more time in bed today, not less?

Oh well - maybe some Mother's Day shopping will help...

Brenda has 20% off store wide with the code SPRING20

Hullaballoo is a really cute new line available at Fat Quarter Shop

There's 20% off all new lines at Simply Solids (until the end of today so be quick!)

Here's a little screenshot of some of the new stuff - it's so worth checking it out!

elephant in my handbag have these absolutely gorgeous Roald Dahl/Quentin Blake fabrics, which is such a lovely nostalgic memory jolt to when us old birds were young kids (or is that just me?)

Look - it's Alice at her new shop - it's open now, just outside of Cambridge and it's on a farm so there might be the occasional animal visitor too (she had some baby pigs in there the other day!!!)

She has lots of treats in the shop, like these Alison Glass prints...

If you liked my 30s repros scrappy trips, why not grab a bundle to make a start on your own. I have these beauties from Simply Sweet Fabrics in my quilt...

These beautifully soft quilters linens have just arrived at Cuts of Cotton

Textured solids by Andover are 20% off until Tuesday at The Village Haberdashery. Use the code TEXTURE20

Sphere is new in at Fabric HQ

These amazing Alexander Henry prints have just arrived at Bobbie Lou's


and sew retro...

Lecien's dots are great quality and you can pick up a bundle of them at Sew Me A Song

and last (but not least) Sew Fresh Fabrics have a monthly echino/kokka stash club. Now, who doesn't love echino????  3 half yards a month, which is the perfect amount to make something useful.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'm secret sewing today which is lovely to get back into after a few weeks of not doing much at all. It's not so great for it to be secret, but at least it's sewing. Maybe that means I'm finally used to my new job and no longer going to walk around like a zombie on my days off (those of you that work full time - how do you do it? I know it's been 15 years since I last had a real job so I'm out of practise but I have found a new respect for you. Seriously - commuting, and working is TOUGH, it sucks all your energy out of you!!!)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

a finish? Surely not

Work is going well - I'm still learning lots, and have yet to learn the biggest part of my job which will be layouts and constructing magazine pages. There's a lot of apprehension on my part about that bit, being a lot useless with anything techy, but I'm sure I'll get there and there's far more able people to guide me. Some days I have very little to do except twiddle my thumbs and beg the lovely house photographers to take some quick pics of my recent quilt finishes (which is pretty handy, actually) 

Here's a completely unedited and very quickly taken pic of my 30s repros scrappy trips quilt, on a scruffy ladder we found lying around. I love this quilt, I love all the fabrics (which are a mix of repros and repro like prints from all over the place but including Jessie's shop and Simply Sweet Fabric), I love the way Trudi quilted it in simple figure 8 loops. It's my favourite of all the scrappy trips I made last year, and I did make quite a few, so that's saying something! The backing is an extra wide that Audrie got for me (from the shop she works in, or worked in...she may have left now since she moved house). You'll be able to get the same print in a little while from Fat Quarter Shop (April, in fact). I pre-washed it, because it's red and I wasn't sure the colour would hold up too well. It didn't shed too much dye, actually, but I'm glad I took the time and effort to pre-wash (I can be lazy where that's concerned).

thank you to Rae from work for taking the photo!

I'm very much missing twitter and instagram, and I'm hoping once I get more into my stride I'll be a bit more chatty on work days. There's a definite radio silence when I'm in the office. I can practically see the tumbleweeds (although that is more likely to be dust bunnies from the fat cats' fur that is all over my house)

ps - Love Sewing Mag has a website now, and there's a competition to win a Janome sewing machine, plus the 3 issues for £6 subscription offer (which isn't international - sorry!) so head on over and enter!

Today I have the super exciting task of cleaning the house. Downstairs is done, I'm off to do bedrooms and bathrooms. Don't hate me too much for my thrilling life, I know it's pure rock and roll!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

what's new, pussycat?

No waffle this week - let's get to it!

I got these this week in the post - they're amazing. Mini confetti dots from Dear Stella at Pink Castle Fabrics

Every colour you could ever want...

Lazy Day by Lori Whitlock is new at Fat Quarter Shop

Loads of new arrivals at Simply Solids

Here's a screenshot of the first page - so much good stuff!!!

Loving this low volume bundle at Sew Fresh Fabrics

Including the lovely wee wander...

Wouldn't this make an awesome quilt? You can just buy the printed fabric instead from Bobbie Lou's...it'll save a lot of trimming of HST!!!

This bundle of modern solids is good enough to eat. Get them from Cuts of Cotton

Isn't this a fab bundle, from Backstitch? Can't have too many greys in a stash

I love love love this print from Tasha Noel's country girls, which you can find at Simply Sweet Fabrics

Elephant in my Handbag have a fantastic basics section. Fully stocked with flurry dots, from Dashwood Studio. Another fantastic dotty fabric that comes in a rainbow of colours

And that's it - it was a quicky today, it's been a pretty hectic weekend. Husbeast was back in the hospital for the radiosurgery to fix the problem that caused the brain bleed last August, so I've not had as much time to do my round up. He should be fine now, and there shouldn't be any more problems (fingers crossed, knock on wood).
Today I'm leaving him in the capable hands of his Mum and I'll be at the NEC in Birmingham on the Love Sewing Mag stand at Sewing For Pleasure - pop by and say hello if you're going, I could always use a friendly face (yeh - I didn't plan that very well, did I? Probably not my cleverest move agreeing to work when the husbeast is just out of the hospital!!!)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

throwback thursday

I'm going to try and get myself organised to do this every week or so - to remind myself of quilts long ago made and to give me the kick up the bum to blog a bit more often!
About a million billion years ago (I finished it in 2011 which seems forever ago) I made this quilt (which I never got a finished picture of because I'm useless) and gave it to my friend Brioni when her little boy came to live with her and her husband. I loved this quilt (I still do) because it used so many of my favourite American Jane prints.

 The letters were fused and then appliqued on. I'd bought the pre-cut and fusible alphabet from Jen Duncan on etsy. It came so nicely packaged I didn't really want to use them, but use them I did and it made me a happy bunny. And made Brioni a happy bunny, because she was rather pleased with the quilt too (one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about anything I've made is from Sandy, Brioni's husband, who said this was his favourite quilt ever because I'd made it for their son. That was a bit of a tear jerker for me, especially because B makes so many amazing quilts and this wasn't anything fancy).

Anyhoo - you can buy the alphabet sets from Jen's shop. She has them back in stock (which is great, because they're so very useful).