Saturday, 17 May 2014

a house for a mouse?

You might have noticed zakka workshop patterns popping up recently on the interwebs, it's a publishing company that has been licensed to translate Japanese patterns into English, which you'll probably agree is quite marvellous (unless of course you happen to understand Japanese, which I do not).

The nice people at Zakka Workshop sent me some of their patterns to try out, and so far I've made this little house pouch.

It's a lovely pattern - really clear instructions and all template based (you just need to trace out the templates onto fabric - it's no biggie)

The zip placement is especially cute, I think....

I'm smitten and I don't think this will be the last house pouch I make (especially because I made this one for my friend, Justine, so I don't even have one for myself yet).

And look - it holds a nice little set of Aurifil embroidery floss (you should get this stuff, even if - like me - you're not an embroiderer, because it's SO CUTE! - it's on wooden spools for Pete's Sake!)

You can pick up the patterns and aurifloss at Pink Castle fabrics, which is kinda handy doncha think?


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