Friday, 30 May 2014

lotus pond extravaganza!

Have you seen the new line of fabrics Rae has designed for Cloud 9? What do you mean no? You have, and you love it, right?

I love it, it has emerald green in which makes it an absolute winner in my book before you even mention the fact that there are cute little snails and the like all over the prints.

The lovely Rae sent me some FQs so I could make a little project and I was happily stitching away after making some clamshells (you can read about my clamshells on this post on the Sizzix blog). I went off to quilt market and last weekend I decided I was going to spend some time hanging out with Bernie, the sewing machine, and finishing off this little pillow when all of the sudden the stitching stopped dead.
So I turned her off, and turned her on again but nothing happened. So I stared at her for a bit, and tweeted it (obviously - what else would you do when your sewing machine packs in), then I fiddled with the power cable, turned her off and on again and BANG - smoke started billowing (seriously) from the top of her and she made a sparky noise and took her last breath. That was it. No more Bernie.

Needless to say, I tweeted it (again, you need the help of the twitterverse in a crisis) and it was suggested she was broken (yep, I gathered that).

So here's my pillow. It's not finished. Or maybe I'll make out it's some modern art project thing and say it's a discussion on society in general.......anyone buying that excuse?

You can check out actual completed projects that people with sewing machines have on the Made By Rae blog. One day my pillow will be one of them, hopefully Bernie will enjoy her time at the hospital and come back a new woman machine. We've had some fun adventures together, so I'd hate to think this is the end of the road for her.

Peeps in the UK - find Lotus Pond at The Village Haberdashery

Peeps in the US - find it at Pink Castle Fabrics


Trudi said...

Well its going to be a really pretty pillow when ts done! Did you rustle up a spare machine?

pennydog said...

Get well soon Bernie...!

Michelle said...

That's a stunning fabric line! Will have to look into that next time I do an overseas order.

In the meantime I am so sorry Bernie kerpuffed it! Hope she comes back all sparkling and working very soon.

dolores said...

Hand stitching time!!!:)

Sue Hall said...

Clam shells is a great choice for such lovely fabrics, I didn't know Bernies could have such tantrums, I must be especially nice to my old girl and hope she keeps calm and carries on!

Deborah said...

True story: my Viking was once struck by lightning and began sewing BY ITSELF. Very upsetting, as you can imagine. Had to get a new motherboard (to the tune of $600), but was all well from then on! I have high hopes that Bernie will come home right as rain.

Can't wait to see the pillow when it's done! Hey, bring it to Ann Arbor!!

Linda said...

Has your luggage turned up yet? Hope your sewing machine can be repaired. Enjoy your hand sewing in the meantime.

Catrin Lewis said...

Oh, poor Bernie! I hope that she feels better soon and that you can find someone to keep you company in the meantime?

Kamao Poot said...

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