Sunday, 25 May 2014

what's new pussycats? (the post quilt market special - part 1)

I've now been home since Tuesday and there's been some progress on my missing luggage - I have one bag, but not the good bag with all of my clothes, all of my book projects that I'd picked up at market, projects for Quilt Now....all kinds of really good stuff. I have to say, it's put a real dampener on everything and I'm not feeling quite as cheerful about fabric as I was.

Still - Quilt Market happened and it was great and now I'm going to tell you a bit about it (well, I'll tell you in bits and bats - it'll take a few posts).

There were 2 really obvious trends this time round. The first one was Cotton + Steel, the new designer collaboration from RJR Fabrics led by Melody Miller. There'd been a lot of hype about this on the run up to market, with many many sneaky peeks but no full shots of any of the designs. Even shops could pre-order blind but weren't shown any pictures. It was clever, and built up a ton of anticipation.

The whole collection is on quilting cottons (there are voiles and cotton/linens too), and each of the 5 designer's collections have a common colour palette and are accompanied by a collection of basics that will tie the whole thing together.

The reveal of Cotton + Steel was really well marketed. The lead up online with the sneaky peeks and the videos that told the story as they went (which are well worth watching, the process of making fabric is always fascinating), it all added to the anticipation of what was to come. Then the full reveal was in the very first session of schoolhouse sessions - they'd booked out the whole session and instead of a small room with up to 100 or so people it was held in a huge room with around 1000 or more people (the first 700 got a tote bag and charm pack - and there were a lot of disappointed people!)

Is it worth the hype? Realistically, nothing is, it's just fabric - but Cotton + Steel is really great. The basics are worthy of hype alone. They're a really fantastic set of blenders and stash builders that have metallic accents (metallic is the second big trend from market - you have no idea how happy that makes me, I love me some metallic ink!) and come in some gorgeous colours. It's a beautiful collection on it's own, and worthy of any stash.

If you want to pre-order Pink Castle have it listed already (and read more about the collection on the pink castle blog) and they're also starting a Cotton + Steel monthly club. Regular yardage will ship in July and the monthly club will start in August. It starts at $30/month for FQ bundles and by the end of the year you'll get 144 prints (12 per month). It's a really cost effective way of getting all of the fabrics over a longer period of time, and a bundle in the mail every month is always a lovely treat, isn't it?

Find out more about the club here.

Simply Solids also have the basics listed for pre-order to save disappointment come July when everyone buys buys buys

The Village Haberdashery also has pre-orders. PLUS if you order by the end of today you'll be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of 2 limited edition tote bags. Click on any of the links below to take you the relevent collection (it'll open in a new page)

Melody Miller's Mustang

Rashida Coleman Hale's Moonlit 

Alexia Abegg's Hatbox

Sarah Watts' August

Kim Kight's Homebody

Cotton + Steel basics and solids

everything (with 10% off)

Read up on Annie's blogpost about the line on the daily stitch too!


Izzy said...

Katy, Im sorry about your luggage , I hope it will return to you eventually maybe sooner than that !! I dont quite understand the part about "steel" Cotton I get but where is Steel meant to be a part of this, colors??

Izzy said...
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margaret said...

fingers crossed you have your luggage now shame it can`t talk and tell you where it has been and what it has been up to Seriouly hope it arrives soon.. The fabrics look great, I saw them on simply solids site

Sonia said...

That's so rubbish about your luggage, what a horrible way to end Quilt Market. Fingers crossed that your luggage turns up v soon x

Amy Friend said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you still haven't gotten your luggage back. That's just horrible. I really hope that they arrive this week!

Elsa said...

Do hope your bags make it home ~ they have to!

Karen said...

Good luck with your luggage. I find it interesting how with the amount of technology that is available that luggage still gets lost.
Thank you for your candor regarding hype and marketing around new lines. Those comments are why I enjoy reading your blog.

Darcy said...

I can read this post now, knowing that I saw the prodigal bag returned home this morning - thanks be! Now please just tell me all the contents were intact...

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